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Shantou Yihe Source technology co., Ltd was established in 2010, is a professional research, development, manufacture and marketing of VRLA battery business. The company is located in the famous China Shantou Special Economic Zone. Convenient, twenty minutes away from the downtown area. Airports, Shantou International Terminal, Shen speed, can be reached in half an hour. Beautiful environment, perfect facilities. The company's total investment of more than twenty million yuan, the plant a total area of 17 acres, plant construction area of nearly 8,000 square meters, existing staff of more than 200 people. Products covered more than 20 provinces and cities nationwide.

The company has strong technical force and advanced production and testing equipment, and strict quality assurance system. And strive to provide the most reliable products and service guarantees. To build China's battery industry, "quality gold, diamonds brand." On the tooling equipment, the company preferred today's advanced assembly line, computer add acid machine, computer controlled automatic charging machines, mechanization, computer precision, high efficiency.

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         Maye Road, Zhujin Industrial Area, Taishan Road Longhu,            Shantou City, Guangdong Province, China.
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Since 1998, the company has been struggling on the front line of the market, adhering to the concept of innovation, constantly research and develop market demand, accumulate experience and accumulate capital.